LarrySacher2As with all places civil in nature, Marco Island is governed in fair and reasonable manners. There are regular meetings covering topics that face the nation, such as budgetary concerns. We regularly hear from the Marco Island Beach Advisory Committee and the lead Environment Specialist, Nancy Richie. Marco Island is taken very seriously and there is enough information for anyone to reasonably recognize that it does not begin and end with environment water quality updates, beach issues, wildlife. There is more than just stewardship by definition. The civic heart of Marco Island beats proud. Countless individuals, including ‘civilians’ and volunteers, run a pristine island haven jurisdiction.

On January 22, 2014 at 9am, meet your fellow islanders at the Community room for “Coffee With The Councilor”. Marco Island Councilman Larry Sacher would like to reach out and address concerns that the island faces in the near future. Although there will be an open microphone so we can hear one another clearly, Mr. Sacher asks that you forward specific questions that may require research to his office directly, in advance: