Why Did They End Up Here?

There is evidence of ancient civilizations all over our great country and Marco Island is no exception. The people that lived here did so undisturbed for more than a thousand years. A large portion of the Marco Island that you stand on today did not exist until the native Indian tribe, the Calusa, began to build by hand 50 acres of raised island land on Marco’s northern tip. They accomplished this by layering and building upon empty shells. They would eat the shellfish meat, and use the empties to construct a shell mound to raise themselves slightly above sea level. You may say they were the original waste recyclers. However, by doing this, they were able to not only create a vantage point in which to see visitors from a distance, but they could also catch the sea breeze year round. Many believe they were drawn here by the warm tropical climate and the abundant fishing that was available to them with their access to the Gulf of Mexico. People often ask: “Why did they end up here?” One look around I can tell you why. It’s so obvious, anyone can see… It’s simply gorgeous here!